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The Hosts

We're doing what not a lot of media outlets do and we're focusing on Championship football.


The Second Tier is regularly described as one of the most competitive and relentless leagues in the world, so we thought we'd devote our time, focus and opinions to it. 

As genuine Championship fans, we dedicate our time and effort to the Second Tier of English football to make sure the fans of the clubs can access the content they deserve. 

We'll also visit grounds from time to time, meet with some of the locals and chat football. 

Not only that, we do it with a little bit of seriousness, but take a laid back approach to punditry as we weave our way around the world of football. 

justin and ryan.jpg

Ryan Dilks - @dilksymatey

Justin Peach - @justinpeach27

Championship superfan. Lover of memes. Devilishly good-looking.

Derby County fan. Championship ultra. Football Manager addict. 

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