Samba saves Forest, Hamer lets out his hammer and Watford are wobbling: The Second Tier Summary

It's been a covid hit few weeks with games being called off last minute. It only makes for interesting reading as we debated on our latest episode whether or not it's a benefit to have games postponed.

However, the games that did go ahead had some BIG talking points which we delve into below:

The Good

1) Brice Samba

I rate Samba incredibly highly. In fact, since the start of last season, he's probably been the best player at Forest. He's come into a lot of stick of late, perhaps rightly so in some forms but most of it unwarranted.

However, to be quite blunt. He's kept Forest in games since the day he joined. Making big save after big save. He did just that this week against Preston, including a wordly from a Tom Barkhuizen header. Without Samba in this side, Forest would be worse off which is pretty shocking considering where they currently are. He's been imperative to team in their current unbeaten run and expect him to continue to produce the goods for the foreseeable.

2) Gus Hamer

We waxed lyrical this week on big Gus. Even referring to him as a Honey Badger due to his aggressive, space dominating combative nature. And he was quality in their win against Millwall, bagging a goal in the process.

For a player who is small in stature, he can dominate the middle of the park. He's imperative with his progressive passes into the final third and his combative nature means Coventry can press high up the pitch. He's a complete midfielder and as a pound for pound signing this season has to be considered one of the best.

3) Jamaal Lowe

What 7 weeks or so this man has had. We're big fans of his on the podcast and he's such an intriguing player to watch. He doesn't possess the swagger some wide forwards have. But the ball sticks to him as he glides past players. His goal against Cardiff showcases that ability.

But his goals against Watford this weekend showed an even better habit. Goalscoring has become a regular thing for Lowe of late and his brace this weekend showcased a transformation from a winger into an auxiliary striker. not many players have the intelligence to transition into that mold, this lad does.

The bad

1) Birmingham City

It's been a torrid week for the Blues. Losing another game at home and without scoring.

The worrying case for Birmingham City is their lack of chances being created. Now they're not defending very well, you have to consider them being in a relegation fight. This is a scenario that happens quite late in seasons for Birmingham City, so for them to be dragged in so quickly is a huge worry. Coincide that with Forest, Derby and, Sheffield Wednesday all playing better and picking up points, you have to wonder if they can avoid the drop at all.

2) Watford

Honestly, can it start to get any worse for Watford?

Sacked a manager appointed in the summer, Gray and Deeney only having a handful of goals between them (just 1 from open play this season), and fans turning on the players. It's not been a very happy new year at all.

With the squad at their disposal, and with Norwich, Bournemouth, Brentford and Swansea all performing much better than them, it's going to be a big ask for this Watford to reach the automatics.

3) Jake Cooper

It was a terrible day at the office for Cooper.

His performance against Coventry City was comical. An own goal, heading the ball onto his own crossbar, and a defeat. It was a day to forget for the big man.


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